Birthday Winner

Guess what I got to make for my birthday? Ice Cream cone cupcakes!!!! Now I know you can use regular cones and cook cupcakes in them....but these are all cupcake and you just frost the "ice cream" part of the cupcake (which you would frost anyway) but here it makes it look like ice cream!!! 

If you are a "muffin mom" too, here is the link for these cute (and inexpensive) cupcake cones makers.

My other favorite cupcake tin is the "mini" one from Pampered Chef. These baby cupcakes are bite size and so the mess is tiny too. Everyone knows that cupcakes are yummy and MESSY when kids eat them. These are the perfect solution to that.

The only downside is that it is VERY easy to eat a ton of them!

The Summers Family is the lucky winner of the Birthday gift of a Peg Family and Cupcake Pincushion (you can thank Jay for choosing you :) Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

Have a Happy cupcake Little Project!


Amber D. said...

I love these cupcakes... I had never seen the cupcake molds!

Andrea said...

Those are cool molds. Happy be-lated birthday, Jedda! Hope it was fun.

Summers Family said...

Hey, that's me. I have never won anything on someone's blog. Thanks Jay!

Now what?


elspeth said...

YUM!! Happy Birthday you lucky girl!

Unknown said...

i love those, it looks like a great idea for a birthday party!!

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