Party in the Playroom: Furniture Makeover


I always love a good "makeover."  It's so rewarding to see the change from the "before" to the "after" and makes you feel like the work was worth the effort.

That's just how {This Little Project} for the playroom went.  A little spray paint can QUICKLY work wonders.  I had some little chairs and table on hand that we have had for years.  My kids love them, but they were not cute!

I love these little wooden chairs.  They don't tip and they can hold any size kid.  They are super sturdy! But they were this ugly brown color.  The photo shows some yellow paint on them--I almost forgot to take the "before" photo!

The little table was red, yellow, and blue.  Not cute.  And did not match the rest of the playroom at all.  You know something isn't cute when your husband tries to store these in the garage instead of letting your kids play with them!

So...I gave them a nice coat of spray paint...and they look totally different!

And now the kid furniture doesn't mysteriously disappear to the attic or garage anymore!  

Ellie was sure that I made {this little project} just for her.  She sat right down with a cup of cheerios to try it out!

And it looks soooooo much better now in the playroom and with the playhouse.  
I love doing projects that get used.  And this one has a lot of new life in it now :)

So next time you are ready to throw something out, consider a can of paint instead!


elspeth said...

I remember when we got these at my apartment yard sale bake in SLC :)

Jedda said...

Elspeth-What a fun day that was! Didn't we get a highchair or something too? Who knew we would still be using those chairs :)

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