Baby's Here!

 We have been snuggling sweet {little} baby M for about a week now and loving every minute!

Jay, Kay, and Ellie are in love with baby M too and that is such a beautiful thing to watch.
(I get asked if those are their real names.  No, but we do have the alphabetical order thing: J, K, L, M in real life :) 
 I don't blog that often about homeschooling.  So if you didn't know already, yes, we are a homeschool family.  And it's times like this that I love homeschooling extra!
  Not having to bundle up a brand new baby to take everyone to school is such a blessing!  

Having a new {little} one at home and four kids 6 and under is an adventure that we are all enjoying.  Everyone is smitten with baby M and our routines are holding us together with Hubby's help, of course!

And school hasn't totally been neglected.  Here's our {little} nativity that we've been making out of air dry clay this week:
 Kay already drew the face on Mary :)


We've been enjoying the Magic School Bus movies recently.  Did you know that all the entire series were  released onto DVD?  We love checking them out at the library.  Jay built this bridge after watching the one about structures.  He's been testing all kinds of cargo on it.


Jay read today about worms growing again after being cut in half.  Today happens to be a nice day and he and Ellie headed outside to look for worms and try it out.  This kind of learning can be a little hard on me.  He's such a {little} scientist and has to learn somehow...I guess. 


Mostly though, we're doing a lot of baby watching.  It's a full time job :)

I have some Christmas projects to share with you, and hopefully I'll get to that.  In the meantime, be sure to check out the Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas and make a {little} something for someone you love :)

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Elizabeth Glenn said...

And what a sweet baby he is!! I love that you posted the picture of Mother Ellie watching over her baby brother :)

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