Time Capsule and More New Year Fun!

Ready or not, the new year is almost here!  We have some traditions from the past that I've shared before.  This year we are going to be making a Family Time Capsule during our {little} party as part of Family Night, since today is a Monday too :)

Any container can work for a family time capsule.  An empty paint can is easy to seal and open again and you can find them at Home Depot or Lowes in the paint section.  
I made this to go on the front, and I think we'll have everyone sign their name on the outside too.
Family Time Capsule 
I also made these "All About Me" sheets that we will fill out--with info and predictions about the next 5 years.  Everyone will put a couple of small things and some photos inside too.
It will be fun to see how much we've changed and what predictions come true when we open it in 5 years on New Years Eve! 
You can use these for your family too!

New Year's Time Capsule

We will also be using these bags to count down to the new year.  In each bag I have an activity or paper that tells us what to do to for each hour of the night (game, movie, treat, hat making, etc.) as we count down.  Kay has been practicing telling time so she's been my helper on making these.

new years eve countdown bags 4wm

I love this packet from TpT (free) for the kids to do.  
It's one of our school activities this week
2013 New Year's Poem and Writing Activity

And this one too from TpT (free).  
I'm excited to talk about goals and think about their future with them!
2013 New Year Creative Writing Activities {FREE}

And New Years isn't complete without some New Year Resolutions!  I love this printable (free here) for the kids.

New Year Resolutions Kid Printable 2013

And this one for adults.

New Year Resolutions for YOU!

My one {little} word this year is: simple. 

I read this book this year: Organized Simplicity

And have been inspired by so many wonderful ideas in it.  I highly recommend it! 

This year I want to find more joy and fullness of life through living in the beauty of simplicity.

I'm excited!

Happy New Year!!

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