A Mobile For All Seasons

I have had the idea for this mobile for a long time and I FINALLY sat down and made it-and just in time to put these funny turkeys on (my son has been BEGGING for this!)

My big plan is to make something for each season/holiday to hang on the mobile. Be sure to check back for Christmas hangings. If you have some fun ideas for hangings, please do share too!

My favorite part is how inexpensive this Little Project was! Just a few wooden embroidery hoops (mine were 50 cents each) and some clear nylon thread (I wanted it to hang from thin air :)

I bought my little turkeys at the dollar store a few years ago, so no tips on that. But really, if my son weren't so intent on them, I think I would hang some of those cute little pumpkins I posted about.

To make your Mobile For All Seasons you need:
nylon thread
glue gun
3 different sized embroidery hoops
I used Pooch yarn for the fun texture for the hangings.
(you can disregard the plastic circle in the photo. I ended up not using it :)

Each embroidery hoop comes with 2 pieces. You actually only need one of the hoops from each size. I used the one without the metal piece.
I tied 2 pieces of nylon thread across each hoop so that they crossed in the middle evenly.  It basically looks like a hoop with a big + sign in the middle of it.
Then I tied a length to the middle of each of the hoop crosses. The nylon thread is slippery and moves even after you tie it. It is important to make sure that it is centered first (hold it from the thread and see how it hangs) and then put a dob (if that is a word) of hot glue to hold it centered in the hoop. It is important that it hangs LEVEL. So be sure to do this step!! After it is hanging level tie the other end of the length to the other hoop of the next level
Repeat for each level. You can make them as far apart or as close together as you please, depending on how high your ceiling is.
I used the Pooch yarn to attach my hangings (in this case turkeys :) Note: The Pooch yarn can unravel. Just knot it to stop it. The knot fits right in with the fun texture.

I used the wood embroidery hoops. You could also cover the hoops or paint them the color of your choice.

I think this would also be a fun little project for a mobile in the baby's room. I think I might try that next :)

Fun how they hang in mid-air, don't you think? :)

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