Turkey Time!

Check out a variety of fun Turkey Time projects-to eat and display.

Time to dress the Turkey- see 2 fun ways to do turkey dressing below:

I made this little turkey for my little girl. She got so many compliments that I sent his little Turkey to market $4 hair clip or $5.50 on an "ouchless" headband. To order one for your little Turkey email me at crownyourprincess@gmail.com or visit my little project market Here.

Want to dress and accessorize your turkey in a fun game? Fabulous and funny looks here:


Want to Gobble up a yummy turkey? These are kid-friendly little projects inspired by my friends Chris and Kristen.

Turkey cupcakes

I LOVE cupcakes! For kid-friendly attention spans I reach for a cake mix and bake in paper-lined cupcake tuns. Pick your favorite flavor.  

To dress up your cupcakes you will need:
candy corn
frosting (chocolate for a brown turkey)
candy necklace candies (cut the elastic to get them off-this way you have really cute eyes!)

How to make it a fun project for the kids: let them add in the few ingredients needed to the cake mix, let them stir it all up. I like to use a measuring cup to fill each cupcake so they don't get over-filled.

M&M Turkey!
These little turkeys make great table decor too!  Don't be surprised if they get snacked on while everyone is waiting for the real turkey :)

To make this turkey you need:
Yellow or brown or orange tulle-(use the kind with the larger holes so you will be able to put the pipe cleaner through)
pipe cleaners: orange and red
thread to tie with
googlie eyes
glue gun

Cut a seven inch square of yellow tulle-you can vary the size as you please to make a bigger or smaller turkey. Fill it with m&m's and tie closed-the fluff where you tie it becomes the tail. Roll an orange pipe cleaner for the head and leave a long enough body to insert into the bag of m&ms that you made. Glue a piece of red pipe cleaner under the "chin" of the rolled up head. Glue a googlie eye to each side of the pipe cleaner. Insert the long part of the pipe cleaner down into the body of the turkey. Note: I also used some Starburst Jelly Beans in this (I LOVE THOSE and buy extra every year) and it looked fun with so many colors, so feel free to experiment with the candies you like.
How the kids can help with this fun little project (other than eating the m&m's): add the m&m's to the circle, insert the head into the body of the turkey.

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elspeth said...

I am not only impressed with your creativity and time to make these awesome projects, but this blog is another cool project too!

Thanks for sharing your ideas. Our latest fun idea has been the addition of the harmonica. It's a great instrument for a little kid. You can play high, low, fast, slow, loud, and soft. It can be played VERY loud, but the other good news is it takes a lot of energy to do so, so the loudness doesn't last forever. Especially since Joci likes to jump on the bed as she plays loudly.

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