A Fun Little Project for Little Girls!

I remember having a lot of fun playing (very carefully) with paper dolls when I was little. They had such fancy clothing. I came across this fantastic vintage paperdoll set from Bella Dia. She even has nice winter clothes to keep her nice and warm!

The doll on the front cover is the right size to fit the clothing. You will need to think of a way to attach the clothing, but she will be lots of fun to play with. I am thinking of using contact paper and then putting a little bit of that tacky putty stuff on the back of the pieces. If you have any great ideas, do share :)

These vintage sewing cards are fun too. Just print them on heavy paper and laminate, then punch holes for lots of sewing fun!

It is so cold outside that I think I will stay inside and have fun making this fun Little Project today :) Remember that these are JUST for PERSONAL use. Click HERE for the Free Download (you have to log in, but it is easy and free).

1 comment:

elspeth said...

They have cute Hawaiian paper doll books, that I haven't bought for Jocelyn only because I know she'll destroy it and make me sad. I free download I can do though! Thanks.

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