After Christmas Catch-up: Advent, gifts

I posted before about not having a single advent calendar and that I was going to work on one and have it ready for next year. Well, here is what I created:

This is what I came up with. It's really kind of fun to get to decorate this tree one day at a time. I used various beads and buttons for ornaments. If you are really good this year I will put a tutorial together for later in the year and you can make your own :)

I also had fun with some gift-giving projects. I couldn't post about them before because it would ruin the surprise. Here are a few of them:
a "Favorites" cookbook-a great way to organize recipes:

a hands-free pin cushion for your finger:
I will post about in more detail about these projects coming up-with direction- so you can make your own. I have also been working up some organization projects. Tis' the season for New Year's Resolutions!

In the meantime, try these yummy cookies (they really are the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever made!) from short stop.

I love my cookie scoop pictured but couldn't find it online. You can push on the back and the cookie ball drops out. It is like this one.

Enjoy some yummies and have a Happy Little Project Day!


elspeth said...

How big is your advent tree? Where did you get the wire and are you planning on hanging it up on the wall.... I now realize I need to just wait for the tutorial:)

claw said...

Hi Jedda,
The finger cupcake pincushion is wonderful. Thankyou.

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