PLEASE HELP! Children at risk of loosing creativity!

If you haven't heard about CPSIA and why handmade for children is going extinct, please visit these sites to learn more and help us protect handmade for children. To me, it feels like the creativity of our nation and thus that of our children is being murdered. We need to protect art and not be forced to only purchase mass-produced items for our children. PLEASE HELP!

This site has some nice specifics LINK

For more info about what YOU can do to help LINK
More details here too LINK

US Consumer Product Safety Commission -write a letter

Click here to write your legislator

This Site also has more info.

We all want our children to be safe. But this law needs to be refined. Outlawing anything handmade for children is a tragedy! By enforcing strict and costly testing that is what this law actually is doing. Only large companies will be able to afford the testing for their products.
Thanks for raising your voice with us!

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