Shoe Sorting with a PERK!

You may have noticed that my latest posts have to do with ORGANIZING. Well, it must be done, and someone {{I guess that is me}} should really get busy doing it! I stumbled upon this little idea and dressed it up a bit. I used a cereal box to make a sturdy shoe sorter. But really, I am hoping that it helps with something else too: LEFT/RIGHT and READING, sneaky huh?

My little guy has known his left and right hand/foot/arm since before he was 2....but he can't seem to figure out how that translates to things that aren't actually attached to his shoes.

So here we go!
Trim a cereal box down to look like this.  If you have several pair of shoes, just use another box.  Two pair fit on each box.  This is a nice "re-use" project since you can reuse your box, and even scrap or magazine paper to do the rest.
Here are your other supplies: glue, scissors, 2 pieces of patterned paper, a marker, and a center strip, and a piece of paper to trace your shoes onto.  
1-Glue a piece of paper to each side of the box.  Then trim the edges to fit.  
2-Glue your center strip. 
3-Trace and cut out each pair of shoes.  Glue them on.
4-Write away!
Ta Da!  A Little Project to set your shoes straight!
I snooped around at Family Fun and found some other great kid-friendly ideas.  I thought this one was really fun-I am sure we will be making one for my daughter!

Happy organizing!  And be sure to share your This Little Project-inspired photos in our flickr group :)

1 comment:

Janice Lois said...

You are so talented.!! Its really a great way to teach our kids about their shoes.

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