Project: Geography

My Little guy LOVES geography.  These are his favorite puzzles.  And yes, he is better at doing them than I am!  You can see more about these geo puzzles here.  He thinks it is really fun to memorize these things. 

The puzzles are neat because each country is its own puzzle "piece" so the geography lesson is more complete.  We only get them out when baby is asleep because they are thicker cardboard than others, but they could still get soaked in her mouth. 

It all started with hanging a map at his eye level. If you decide to join in this little project, be sure to get a LAMINATED map! And put it down low, where it can be seen and touched. First we learned the location of all the states on the map, then countries, then state capitals, and we just finished doing 100 capitals of nations.  

 This little geography project began with just a map on the wall, but it turned into a lot more fun.  And these puzzles have really helped!

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Jolanthe said...

These puzzles look amazing! I added the Europe one to my Amazon cart! :)

Thanks for letting me know!


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