I LOVE Letters (bookplates for YOU!)

I was at the library this week and stumbled upon some TREASURES! We brought them home and I have been getting some very CHARMING book plates ready for them (see below.) After all, I love to share these books, but I hope my little loves find their way back home to me :)

As some background, we recently moved and guess what I was most worried about? What kind of library I would find in our new place. I grew up with a great library being 1 block away. What a treat! So now you know. I'm a bit of a book nerd. I love books. And no matter how great the library is, I love to be the actual owner of all those letters that add up to words and stories and knowledge.

So, I was thrilled to find these in the 50 cent book pile!

Aren't these the most charming classics you've seen? Black Beauty, Heidi, Peter Pan, Twenty-thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Bambi!

I am so thrilled to put these little charmers in the kids' room that my next little project is finishing some book ends.
There are some DARLING valentine-ish book plates by Sweet Jessie that you will definitely want to check out.

OK, as if that wasn't enough fun, look at these winners!
The Very Hungary Caterpillar, Going on a Bear Hunt, Guess How Much I Love You, and The Grouchy Ladybug.

Can you beat these classics? And they are all board books so they will last through lots of story time around here. (And I might add, not much-loved by their previous owner which means they are in great shape too!)

And since I was actually just looking for a couple of Valentine books to add to our collection, I was thrilled to find these too.

For some fun "From the Library of" bookplates, I love THESE!

Talk about a great day at the library. I came home very happy to be able to add to our home library. My husband (who also is a book-lover) is thinking we might need another bookcase around here. (That would be a fun little project :)

Here are some more book tags my friend Tanya told me about. There are a bunch more to choose from if you haven't already fallen in love with a few :)

Your books will feel loved with your fun Little bookplate Project!

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