Tot School #1

Tot School

Today is our first "Tot School" post.  As a habit, I have been tracking what I'm doing to help create Jay's learning experiences, but I like the idea of tracking with pictures too because you can see the joy of learning in the moment. Hence, we are joining the fun of Tot School!  I've loved seeing what other families are doing at their "home schools" and there is another great blog to check out besides all the Tot School entries. 

If you want to join too, click here to learn more about it.  Basically, you take pictures of the things you do all week to enjoy discovering and learning with your tot/s.  Then once a week, you post about your week and we all meet up at the Tot School link to share our post and be inspired by other's ideas.  Sounds like fun!
Jay is 37 months, Kay is 16 months.

We have some bean counters at our house. This is the less efficient way to fill the bottle... It was a fine motor skills and counting activity.  There was all kinds of sorting and funneling and spilling the beans this week. Hint: only get as many beans out as YOU want to pick up. The kids don't mind them all over the floor!

Feeding the spilled beans to a friend.

Jay and Kay got these out MANY times this week. And we cleaned them up MANY times.
Wondering why Jay seems to be wearing the same thing in so many photos?  He doesn't like the idea of getting dressed lately.  So we have a new rule: Mom doesn't push it with getting dressed, but you can't go anywhere or eat lunch until you have your clothes on.  So you will see many PJ shots :)

Kay's favorite book: pop ups and touch/feel.  She loves to make all the animal sounds as we go along.

We are enjoying this game.  It is the only thing we use the tv for (we don't get any regular channels and there's no paying for cable at this house :)  

Jay LOVES spelling words on this.  He'll put the letters in regardless of whether it's actually on or not.  I like that it sounds out all the words out in the "games." 
Here's what the box looks like.  

In the "explore" mode he makes his own words.  How sweet to choose this one. :)

Cooking time.  These are red velvet cupcakes in the making.  Jay wanted to know if I put "red water" in them. Uh, do you mean blood?  Definitely not!  He's getting better at actually helping in the kitchen :)

Music time with Jay and Kay.  It always has plenty of dancing too!
Our version of the "Eensie Weensie Spider" with a hair clip :) We're working on it in Spanish right now.

Learning by rote only (no reading music yet). Jay finished all of Twinkle (do do sol sol la la sol, fa fa mi mi re re do) etc. So we started learning Mary and her little lamb.  I'm teaching with solfeggio syllables (do re mi) so he isn't confusing note names with the alphabet while he is learning to read.

One of the bazillion valentines we created for cousins and friends.

Jay doesn't need a "water table."  He has the bathroom sink!  Speedy the plastic frog has had many adventures in cups, bowls, and with bubbles.

Our sugar etch-a-sketch.  We've been carving letters into it.  All you need is a cake pan, sugar and your fingers.  I have one and so does Jay.  Then I make a letter and he makes it in his pan too.  Just give the pan a little shake and you are ready for another letter.
So that's what I actually remembered to take pictures of during this past week.  I meant to get it up at the beginning of the week...  My whirlwind created by the CPSIA law is dying down, so hopefully things will be better next time.

To see what the other tots did, go here :) That was a FUN learning Little Project!


Carisa said...

Hi I am so glad you are joining us, I love your ideas from this week! Your tots are adorable!
:) Carisa

elspeth said...

These last 2 weeks we've been getting some natural science in every time we exit the door. Our bulbs have started sprouting and we check on their progress before we get into the car. "Look Mom, they're bigger! They're growing! Look Mom, more!"

harry said...

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