What do you do with YOUR time?

I got a kick out of this and had to share:

(You can click on the image to see it bigger)

I have to add that today when we were having lunch Jay couldn't sit still at the table.
He kept getting up and running around the kitchen. I kept telling him that we sit down to eat and asking him over and over and OVER!
Finally he said, "But Mommy, if I sit down I will go potty on my chair!"

Oh, so that is the problem :)

Children are such a BIG wonderful "Little by Little by Little" Project!


Emily said...

lol that was a greatarticle!

elspeth said...

I love this! Sometimes my husband sounds like miss Tacoma:) A big difference between having kids and not is that when you don't have kids, you can sleep in on the weekends. When you have kids they wake up at the same time everyday which is always too early on a weekend.

The Great 8 said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's great, and oh so true. have a great day! ~ Aunt Jen

Whome1996 said...

Embracing free time is a cherished gift that allows us to recharge, explore passions, and connect with loved ones. It's a canvas for self-discovery, fostering creativity and joy. In those moments, we find the beauty of life beyond routine, creating memories that linger as treasures in the tapestry of our existence. Free time, a sanctuary where we unfold the pages of our dreams and savor the simplicity of being. Here's to the precious moments of leisure that enrich our lives with boundless possibilities and a sense of fulfillment.

koe61831 said...

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