Love Letters: Stamps and Envelopes

Worried that you don't have any great Valentine stamps at your house? Think again! Cookie Cutters make great stamps. Our latest Little Project of stamps and envelopes is below.

We used (washable) finger paint on a plate for our "stamp pad." If you do, be sure to let them dry completely. It takes longer than regular ink.

Did you know that an HEART makes a great envelope? I made these out of wrapping paper.
1-Started with a regular-sized paper.
2Folded it in half and cut out a valentine that is a little wider than you would normally do.
3-Then trace it onto wrapping paper and cut it out.

How to Fold it:
1- Start by folding the sides in.
2- Fold the rounded part up.

3- The point of the heart makes a perfect close for the envelope.

Since Valentine's Day is about sharing the love with others, I wrote a little poem to add to mine for my church class.  I'll post it here (for my sister) and in case anyone else can use it.  I gave extra treats to share with the valentine so they could practice sharing and loving others.  (at least that was the idea :)

"Of you there’s just one. And these treats, there are many.
Is there someone else at your house that you think would like any?

With whom could you share? With a sister or brother?
Remember that Jesus said, “Love One Another.”

Something special happens when you share your treat.
Inside you will feel happy and kind. It’s neat.

Sharing is the kind of love that seems small.
But it’s not, for showing love brings happiness to all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!"

Enjoy stamping and sending your Little Valentine Projects!


elspeth said...

Thank you! This one is my favorite Valentine post yet.

My Many Coloured Days said...

Loved the envelope. Mr. T opened his up and his little brother wanted one right away. He refused to share, but upon hearing the poem reluctantly did. It was pretty funny! (THANK YOU!)

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