09 ways to Project a Happy New Year!

There are just a few days left to count down to the new year. Our family will be out of town for the big count down so I have been thinking up some fun things to do. 
We will be away from home. with 2 preschoolers. in a hotel room. Some of you may think that doesn't sound like much fun. But I am determined to have a blast. 
Since we are heading to 2009 I have worked up 9 things to look forward to doing together.

Feel free to join the fun! These are all quick and EASY little projects!

Here is the count down:

Project #9

Everyone likes to make a mess and get a surprise. This is how we plan to do both:
I started with this idea from BHG and added a festive wrapper by using a New Year's napkin (from the $1 at Target)

Each napkin yields two "Happy New Year" outsides. I'm using the rest for another project-see below. I filled them with curled ribbon, confetti, tinsel, treats, etc. We will break them open at mid-night (or more likely, when our preschoolers hit THEIR breaking point, around 8:00pm :)

Project #8 The Drinks

This is what we call "Fizzies" at our house. And it's one we can all agree on. We went to the "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" restaurant last week and these little umbrellas were a hit with our kiddos! 
Supplies: yummy drink, fun cups, straws, little umbrellas, and streamers to dress it all up.

Project #7 Time Machine

We are starting a tradition where we each make a prediction for the next year. Just put your predictions into this Time Capsule open it up next year and see what everyone added and how it turned out. Add some pictures and favorite things too, just to see how much has changed in a year.

Supplies: Jar, Covering papers/glue, Clock face, sequins

Project #6 Spelling The Food
My little guy loves to spell. I found these fun Wilton letters/numbers and couldn't resist. Here is a fun way to "spelled out" your party food:

Supplies: cheese, crackers, cutter-outers

Make these numbers by cutting up the Jelly-O's to candies to make the 2 and the 9. The 0's are easy :) They re-shape pretty easy.

Supplies: Jelly-O's, knife, cupcakes, frosting

Project #5 Make Noise!
For a home-made approach go with some paper plate and popcorn seed maracas. Fun to decorate and easy to make!

Just fold a paper plate in half and staple it shut as the popcorn seeds are added. Dry beans would work too. Note the choking hazard if you have little ones.

Obviously these aren't hand-made, but I love the dollar store for these quick and easy noise makers!

Project #4
We like to make our own hats!

Start with a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper. Round it into a cone to fit our head. Tape it. Trim it. Add some curling ribbon coming out the top. Add ribbons to the side to hold it on. Easy. Fun.  You could also draw original art on paper and use that instead.  Or let your friends sign their names and write a little note on the papers and then make them into a hat to remember.  Be sure to take a picture!

Project #3
Happy New Year Banner

I originally planned to use regular ribbon between these Happy New Year napkins to make this banner. But I found this garland for 50 cents that I could just add too. Since I have had Christmas and a birthday party to do as well in the past few days, I opted for just adding them to this one. Use your imagination though, and these little napkins are a lot of fun! 

I just cut them apart and taped a front and back to each side of this garland/banner. I figure it will spice things up in our bland hotel room :)

Project #2 Game Time
Our friends made the game of Farkle for us.
It's easy to play and lots of fun. For the official rules see this LINK
To make your own game all you need is: 6 dice, paper, pencil, the rules, and someone to play with. It's fun with 2 or more!

Project #1
Wands to munch as we wish our way to a Happy New Year! They add just a little magic :)

If we were at home for the holiday we would dip these in chocolate. But the on-the-road and kid-friendly chocolate frosting will have to do this time. I found the star marshmallows in the Kraft Christmas red/green bag. Sprinkles add just the right touch for a little magic wish too.
Supplies: pretzel sticks, frosting, sprinkles, marshmallows.

I hope you have a blast making and celebrating the new year! 
Don't forget to share your photos of your creations that are inspired by these Little Projects on our Flickr group
Have fun creating a Happy New Year!

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elspeth said...

I called you to see what your News Years plans were. I didn't get ahold of you but checked the blog and there it was!

For our New Years we used several of your blog ideas. We ate homemade pizza for dinner and drank our sodas out of wine glasses (Joci too with no brakage!). We then made homemade window clings out of fabric paint. They turned out great. The glow-in-the-dark paint I got was a lot of fun. We then watched all of this year's pictures in an iPhoto slideshow while eating 3 delicious snacks each of us chose. We then made party hats, blew noise makers and took pictures. The kiddies went to bed and Dan and I played Farkle (thanks) and watched some Naruto. I think we'll save the resolutions for FHE.

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