Make A Wocket in Your Pocket

If you need an excuse to add a Dr. Seuss book to your home library, his birthday is just that good excuse. This year we got we got the little board book "There's a Wocket in Your Pocket," which is so cute and little that it could actually fit right into your pocket!

Today we did some wocket-pocket making, rhyming game, and even "wrote" a poem together. Dr. Seuss plays with his words, so to say, so we did that too.  Check it all out below.

First, the Pocket and Wocket instructions:

You need: 2 sheets of craft foam, yarn, tape, stickers, and a hole puncher for your Wocket Pocket.

1st-cut one sheet to make a pocket (blue)
2nd- cut a 2 inch piece off the bigger piece (green) to make your Wocket with.
3rd- Lay the 2 pieces on top of each other and punch holes through them together (so that the holes match up
4th- Cut a piece of yarn longer than you think you will need :)
5th- Put a piece of tape around one end of the yarn so it will thread through easily.  Tie a knot in the other end.
6th- Start at the back and pull the yarn through to the front (leaving the knot in the back.)
7th- Continue lacing around the pocket.  Tip: Have an even number of holes so that you finish coming out the back.  Then your knot at the end will be at the back.
Tip: Using craft foam means that your pocket won't rip like it would if it were paper.  But you also need a bigger knot to hold.  Foam stretches a little and your knot can pop through easier.

Here is the Wocket:

1- Punch 2 holes in the top-side by side.
2- Punch 2 eyes and a mouth
3- Thread the yarn through the 2 holes starting from the front so the "tail" of your yarn is left hanging for hair in the front.  Bring the yarn back up through the other hold.  Cut it.  Tie in place.  Repeat for more hair.  I hope that made sense.  It is easy to do and hard to explain :)
Use stickers to put "Wocket" and "Pocket" on your Wocket Pocket.
I love stickers for pre-schoolers.  You could also write these words on.

We made a Wocket for baby Kay to play with too.
Such fun little friends :)
There you go: a Pocket for your Wocket!

We played a rhyming game
I said, "nose" and Jay said, "toes!"
I said, "mop." He said, "top!"
It was really fun to make up funny words that rhymed too. Dr. Seuss would be proud to know that our kiddos still have funny a make-it-up-words vocabulary!

Here is Jay "playing" with words on the fridge.  I have a ton of these little magnetic letters and they entertain (educationally) for a long time!

Here is an online Rhyme Generator. You type in a line, and it spits out a poem for you! Try it out HERE.

I typed in, "Here is my nose" 
and this is the poem I got:

"Here is my nose

I would, perhaps, think a line to be too long, if I could

at least thats what I suppose

I'd rather be a rabbit than a snail, If I should..."

Our little Wockets have been so fun to carry around in our Pockets today!

Enjoy your Wocket Pocket Little Project!

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elspeth said...

I saw your wocket on Crafty Crow. We didn't make wockets, but used our punches to make lacing cards.

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