Friday Favorites and Freebies

Celebrate the weekend with some fun {Little Projects} from around
the web-they're free and FUN!

Have you ever wondered how to dry your own apples? Here's the how-to.

Need a fun INSIDE activity? Try these scented paints you can make right in your kitchen for kiddos to enjoy.

Would you like a free recipe delivered to your inbox-I'm thinking a cute cupcake in mine would brighten my day-but you can choose from a variety of recipes from dinners to cookies and soups. Check it out HERE.

I think this is such a fun looking Little Project. If you've got a boy at your house he may love this.

Here is some international fun for kids: songs and nursery rhymes from around the world!

Happy Friday to you all!

Our Favorite Granola Recipe

My kids would rather eat this than regular cereal. This delicious granola recipe is so much softer than a store bought one.
I love that it will fill my house with sublime scents while it cooks today!
Since we love eating {This Little Project} I'll share it with you :)

(photo is after granola cooks)

Thanks to my sister for this delicious recipe:

6 cups oats (use the regular, not quick-cooking since they are better for you :)
1 cup flour (whole wheat if you have it)
1-2 Tablespoon Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon cloves or nutmeg

2 cups of "fun stuff" I use whatever I have on hand. Here are some things we put in ours:
sunflower seeds
dried banana chips (broken up a little)
dried apples
dried pineapple
etc.-you can use any other dried fruit on hand

1 cup water
1 cup cooking oil
1/2 cup honey

Stir together in a large bowl. It will have the consistency similar to oatmeal cookies.
Grease a jelly roll pan (or cookie sheet) and spread the granola out on the pan. You want to pack the granola together a little bit. It will cook best that way and won't dry out. Just use the bottom of your spoon to smooth it together and fill any holes.

Cook at 300 degrees for 60 minutes. Don't overcook or it will be a harder granola.

When cooled, lift it from the pan with a spatula. Use your hands to break it into bite-size pieces and put it in a container. Right now I just use a gallons-size ziplock bag with a 1/3 measuring cup in it to scoop it out with. It makes just the right size for that. This recipe lasts us about a week.
ENJOY This YUMMY {Little Project} with milk or yogurt :)

Friday Favorites and Freebies

The weekend is here! Enjoy some Friday Fun with me!

This economy is tricky. Check out the free Ebook: Thriving on Less HERE.

These are two of my favorite DIY photo shoots: ColormeKatie and frugalfamilyblog.

model paper airplane for lots of paper-making fun!

Check out these paper cupcakes-very cute!

There is a fun BOY-FEST going on that features fun stuff to make for BOYS!!!

If you are looking for a way to get on top of that mail clutter be sure to check this out.

Happy Friday!!!

Baby Gift from a Child

It's pretty much any day now for our baby to arrive-I'm so ready!
We wanted to create a keepsake to give to the baby on its "birthday."
Jay is so excited to give the baby the gift that HE MADE
and I'm thrilled for all the memories that will come with it.

1- We started with a picture that Jay had drawn. I just asked him to draw a picture for the baby and he drew this bird. My little Jay loves birds, so it was very fitting that he would give one to the baby.

2-I traced his picture onto regular white paper with fabric crayons.

3-Jay colored the bird picture with the fabric crayons. I also had him write BABY. Then I traced it because the letters have to be BACKWARDS to turn out the right way when you iron it on :)

4-I ironed it-no photo-according to directions on package to a piece of white fabric. {Little Project Tip:} it seemed that the longer I ironed the darker the color of the bird became.

5- Put the front and back pieces of fabric facing each other and cut the bird out.

6-This is a bad photo of the next step because I forgot to take the picture BEFORE I did it. So imagine with me: BEFORE you sew the bird together, pin some little ribbon "feathers" between the two pieces of fabric. Your fabric should be right sides together.
These need to be going down (like I am holding it) BETWEEN the two pieces of fabric and sewn that way for them to turn out when you turn it right-side out.
You can see that the "Baby" words are the back layer of fabric.

7-When you turn your bird inside out it looks like this with fun feathers and feet for baby to play with

8- Jay stuffed the bird himself and was so proud of his little bird friend. We added a bell inside because Jay loves bells and thought the baby would like it too. Now it rings a little when you shake it.
9-I hand-sewed it closed when he was done.

Now Jay's artwork is a keepsake for his baby brother or sister.
He can't wait to give it to our baby!

{This Little Project} is an easy way for a child to create a keepsake gift.

It would be a hit at any baby shower. Let me know if you try it!

Valentine Brownie Bites

I have a thing about cupcakes. I love to make them. I think it stems from not being to bake much else as a kid and college student-but I could always do cupcakes.

When I was at a Pampered Chef party a few years ago and I saw they had mini cupcake pans I knew that pan belonged in my cupboard. We've enjoyed many mini cupcakes since then.
But did you know you can also make mini brownie bites with those pans?
I used to buy brownie bites at Costco but we don't live by one now :(

The drama of making brownies (for me) is cutting them. I've tried all kinds of things to get them to look great and they never do when I cut them. BUT with the mini cupcake pan my brownies always look great. No need to cut them. I get to have the thrill of making cupcakes and the fun of eating brownies all in one day.

The fun with cupcakes of any kind is
dressing them up.
We made these to go with our brownie bites today. They are so easy!

To make {This Little Project} you need: Scrapbook paper, glue stick, circle punch (mine is 1 3/4"), and toothpicks.

Just put glue on one of the circles and around the toothpick and stick the other circle on-so you have a circle on the front AND the back of each toothpick.
Then dress up those cupcakes or brownies!

Have fun making yourself a little chocolate treat.
And if you have any tips for cutting brownies please share!

Friday Favorites and Freebies

Welcome to this week's list. Enjoy these features!

Send 12 roses-Origami that is! They'll never die that way :)

Make yourself a little chocolate cake-you deserve this-make it in a mug!

For romance ideas on a budget, check this out.

Check out these sweet little hearts made from STRAWS :)

Speaking of origami, these are AMAZING!

I love this list of 100 songs to sing with your child-enjoy it with someone you love!

Happy Friday!!!

Cupid Cards for Kids

In our quest of making a valentine to send to cousins that wasn't candy we came up with this Cupid Card.

The arrow through the heart is a straw-which is something any kid loves!
We were lucky to find some heart ones,
but a silly straw would be really fun too and those are quite easy to find-I even saw some at the Dollar Tree store.

I used our Valentines to work on some fine motor skills with Jay. He traced hearts, cut them out, then helped punch holes in them.
After you cut the heart out, just punch two holes in it to slip the straw through.
Then just cut a triangle of paper and tape it on for the point of the arrow. It's that easy!

We made quite a few different colors for boys and girls. Some with plain paper and some with scrapbook paper. The front message was just a stamp from Target's $1 spot.
You can write a personalized message on the back, or write who the valentine is for. We also had fun stamping and coloring the backs of the heart to personalize them. Of course you'll want to do that before you put the straw through :)

Doing {This Little Project} has also given us a chance to talk about love and how we can show love to others.

Ours will be flying out in the mail today!
If you make some too be sure to leave a comment-I would love to see them!

Valentine Bookmark

I have been working like crazy to get things ready for our new baby, who's due in the next couple of weeks. I've been doing all kinds of fun and needful projects but can't find the minutes to post them! ahh!

I came across this WONDERFUL idea for a Valentine and I had to share it with you-since there's a good chance I'll get some done and not get to post about it in time for you to make some too!

She has created some beautiful bookmarks that you can print and add magnets too-a beautiful non-candy Valentine. They are great for all ages too-so have fun with them!
Here is the link for the tutorial. Enjoy!

p.s. I'm also LOVING this simple LOVE decor-check it out :)

Friday Favorites and Freebies-Valentine's Edition

Welcome to the weekend! Enjoy some fun favorites for Valentine's Day!

These Printable Chocolate bar wrappers are perfect for a grown-up Valentine.

I love this cookie cutter fudge-just change to hearts for a sweet treat!

These mail pouches are a great kid craft!

I love this book and kiss treat idea.

You can find a great big list of PRINTABLE VALENTINES here.


Organizing: the Kitchen

If you don't have a little contraption to hold those grocery store bags so you can reuse them I have a {Little Project} for you!

{This Little Project} was one that I made as part of my homemade Christmas. It was for my husband, which you may giggle at. Before this marvelous invention we had a big bag mess! He really wanted somewhere great to put them so I made it for him :)

To make your own, check out these great instructions. Have fun organizing in the kitchen :)
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