Friday Favorites and Freebies

Happy Friday to YOU!!!

Want to keep those fingers warm? Check out this tutorial for making your own Hand Warmers. They would also make a great gift!

These Clothespin Valentines are darling, easy to make and USEFUL-go check them out!

If you crochet you've got to check this out-how about using plastic bags or t-shirts for yarn?

If you love fun and free graphics, clip art, or bloggy stuff be sure to stop by and see this vintage valentine and other goodies.

And since it's that organizing time of the year, check this out for ribbon organizing.

You've Got Mail-for kids

Jay has a cousin who lives a few states away. She is just a three months older and they love to play together. My sister (her Mom) thought of a beautiful idea: The kids could be pen pals!

Who doesn't like to get a letter in the mail?

Plus it would be a great incentive for our kids to practice their writing skills. Today we are sending off the "N" page to Jay's cousin. We often include a card that Jay has made, some stickers, a short letter, or an art project he wants to share with her as well.

Jay has an incentive to finish his work, but I think it also is teaching him to share something he made with someone else. He really looks forward to sending his mail, not just receiving mail from his cousin. Jay also knows what the mailman does because it's personal.
Here are some other things the kids have learned with {This Little Project}:
  1. How to address an envelope
  2. Where the stamp goes
  3. How to write his and his cousin's name on the envelope
  4. To put the flag up on the mailbox when he puts his letter inside
  5. How the mail system works.
  6. To make something to give to someone else
  7. How to write a letter
  8. How to write their letters :)
  9. How to sound out words that they want to write
  10. They are both learning to read and look forward to what the other one writes to them
  11. To be patient while they wait for mail. We send something every week or two.
{This Little Project} is one that any age can enjoy. Handwritten notes are so much more special and the relationship that is developed and strengthened is priceless!

Friday Favorites and Freebies

This is coming out a little late for Friday, but enjoy!

Do you need some inspiration for a reason to celebrate? Check out this site that has lists of all the interesting holidays for each month of the year. There are lots of things to celebrate and a great reasons to spend time with those you love!

These little felt birds are DARLING and she even includes a free pattern to make your own. Check out her shop too....BEAUTIFUL work!

This child's apron tutorial is great-you'll be surprised and pleased to see what she uses to make it!

If you know someone that loves legos-check this out!

National Popcorn Day was actually on the 19th, but this Popcorn painting and Party would be a winner anytime!

Wishing you a Fantastic Friday and Weekend-you deserve it!!

Birthday Shirt Tradition

It's becoming a new tradition at our house for the Birthday child to have a birthday shirt. It's fun to wear something made just for you on your birthday and it makes it easy to tell what year that birthday photo is from :)

I did Jay's birthday shirt with a simple number cut from a scrap of fabric and ironed on using double sided steam-a-seam. You could also just embroider it on.

Then I cut things from fabric that he has really loved this past year to make it "his" shirt. He loves all things that fly.

Kay's birthday shirt got us going on this tradition. She's had a love-of-all-things-piggy-year.

Some other birthday traditions for us are to measure up on the Growing Walls that I did made for each of the kids (and take a picture there).

And we also like to make a hand print of the birthday child with ink for the family scrapbook. It's fun to compare how hands and height have changed over the years.

I would love to hear your ideas on fun traditions too!

Do you know a Little Princess?

Our new baby is due in March and we aren't finding out boy/girl since we have one of each. With the new baby coming we are needing a bigger car. My husband's still in school so I've been creating new things for my shop with the funds going towards a bigger car. I hope you'll take a minute to look at the Sweetheart Collection I've been working on and find the perfect gift for a Little Princess in your life. "Hair Candy" is the perfect treat for this Valentine's Day! These products will be the favorites at any baby shower too!
And it goes towards a good cause ;)

When Kay was born I started creating all kinds of "girly" and "Mom" things and shared them with others by starting the company Crown Your Princess. It's so fun to have a little girl to dress up!

I got frustrated that she would grow out of her headbands so fast and they would leave marks on her head. That's why I only use "Ouchless Headbands" on her and in the products I create. She didn't pull them out because they didn't bother her like the others I bought did. They grow with the child so she used them exclusively from newborn to now.

I also love being able to mix and match so all of my bows and flowers are on clips. When Kay was little I would clip them to a variety of different colored Ouchless Headbands. Now that she is older and has more hair I clip them in her hair. I love that I haven't had to spend more and can use what we already had.

The Lava Legs are one of my favorite things. Kay still wears them nearly everyday. It's so fun to be able to wear skirts in the winter too! You'll find that my creations cost less than the name brands, and are created with quality and love for the one that you LOVE.

Getting a bigger car isn't exactly a {Little Project}, but every little bit helps. Thanks for taking a peek in the shop!

Friday Favorites and Freebies

Happy Friday to YOU!

If you are looking for a fun Valentine's gift, check out these pillows. They would make a great wedding gift too!

If you blog, check out this list of usefuls from a great blogger.

Check out this list of free patterns for creating reusable shopping bags.

Fun for the new year with some fabulous quotes here.

These strawberry pin cushions look darling and easy to make!

Wishing you a Fabulous Friday!

Easy Monogram Apron

We're back from our trip. Oh what a treat it was to spend time with family! One of my favorite new "hobbies" is to learn the art of re-purposing. I love the challenge of seeing something new in the old. This particular {Little Project} took a total of 3 seams-you can do that!

In our family we have a tradition of a hand-made Christmas gift for the family member we give to. For my sister I made an apron with her monogram on it from a button-up tank top. You could also make it from a button-up shirt. I always forget to do a photo of the "before" but here is the after-I-cut-it out photo:

I left the front intact.

I cut across the back of the shirt starting at the top of the yoke. Below, you can see the little "pleat" that used to be in the back of the shirt.

Since it was a tank top, the "arms" seams were already finished so I just cut along each side of the shirt to the "arm pit" to have the whole apron of fabric. So basically, you use the entire back of the shirt except the top that has the collar sewn to it. If you use a shirt to make this apron you would need to cut the sleeves out. Mine were already missing :)

You can see where the sleeves would have been to the right and left of the center pleat. It's the curvy line before the straight sides.

1st seam: I folded the top of the yoke down to the "pleat" seam and sewed across to finish the top.

2nd seam: Then I sewed the apron ties onto each side by inserting them into the hole that was created when I sewed the first seam.

3rd seam: Then I folded the side seams back and finished those.

3 seams. That was it!

To finish it off, I added some fun trim to top and to make a monogram at the bottom. Just pin your trim down in the shape of the letter and sew over it. Easy!

These photos were taken at night, so they're not the best :) I chose this fabric/shirt because it is so cheery, though it's hard to see. I would have done a photo with someone wearing it, but my husband wouldn't comply and my belly is on the big side. But it fits my sister perfectly :)
I firmly believe that wearing something cute in the kitchen makes cooking more fun!
Have fun repurposing a shirt and making it new again!

Holiday Away

You may have noticed that not many {Little Projects} are posted lately. Don't worry, there are plenty to share, but we're on vacation for a few more days. Our family all live a few days travel away so we are soaking up lots of time with Grandparents and cousins, etc.

Fun new {Little Projects} coming soon :)
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