DIY Nativity Costumes: SHEEP

 It's a tradition in our family to read the story of the nativity from the bible on Christmas Eve. If you're like us, you might be starting to gather things for your children to wear as you read it.

Each year I make a few costumes. These sheep costumes were easy to make. I wanted them to be quick to put on, easy to make, and look like a sheep when they were crawling around. Here's what I came up with:

They are made similarly to a children's bath towel with a hood.
I used 3 pieces of "furry" fabric (A white bath towel would work great too!)
one for hood
one for sheep body
one for tail
Then I just tacked on some eyes, ears, feet and nose of black felt.

The kids look like cute little sheep when they crawl around on their knees. See the link above if you haven't made a hooded towel before. They sew up in a jiffy!
Stay tuned for more fun and easy costumes to make ;)

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