Butterfly Art and Science

If you haven't discovered it yet, coffee filters are the perfect paper for preschoolers (and we don't even drink coffee!) They are very versitile!
For {This Little Project} they are great because:
  • thick (don't rip when watercoloring)
  • cheap (think dollar store-less than a penny each)
  • circular (symmetrical)

For {This Little Project} we were learning about
art: symmetry
science: the butterfly life cycle.

First: fold the coffee filter in half and let the kids watercolor on them.

Second: Before it dries, fold the other half over on top of the wet paint.
You get a symmetrical pattern:

Third: hang it up to dry.

Lastly, bunch the middle together and pinch it with a clothes pin (see first photo).

If you want to do a science lesson to go along with your painting and symmetry lesson,
here is a collection of Life Cycle Image Links to get you started. But there are a ton of great links HERE and Here that incorporate butterflies as well.
If your kids are like mine, they'll want to go chase butterflies when you're done!

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