Party in the Playroom: PLAYHOUSE!

We moved into our house about a year ago.  It's a charming little "cottage" built in the 1950's.  It has a very unique floor design and we love everything about it.  It is perfect for us right now.  

But I almost freaked out when we were signing the papers to purchase it and I realized
 our house doesn't have a playroom!
Hello! We have 3 kids!  No playroom?

 Then I realized that we could use the space in our sunroom as a playroom-whew!

So today is the first part of our transformation from sunroom to playroom that we've been making this summer.

I wanted to make a fun play space and we had this strange little jut in the sunroom that I knew would make the perfect playhouse.  But actually, you could use the same idea with a closet or even a bedroom door frame.

So I started with this space:

Then I hung this sheet with an expandable shower rod to get an idea for the size of the front of the house.  Yes, this playhouse is made from a sheet!

Then I added some ruffles, cut a window, and made a door in it to get it to this point:

And now we have 3 happy kids with a playhouse in their new playroom!

{This Little Project} isn't quite finished.  So be sure to check back for more.

We keep thinking of one more fun thing to add...

More fun things like:

Is our play space a house? 
or a restaurant? 
or a store? 
What should we name the restaurant?
What kind of sign should we put up?
And what (pretend) food should we serve?
Where should the mailbox go?
And how do we serve the food?
And how to take orders?
And what friends to invite to come PLAY!

Part of me wanted to wait until Christmas to do {this little project} for the kiddos, but honestly I'm so glad I didn't wait.  Watching them help me dream it up and anticipate each part of {this little project} has been half the fun!  We've been having quite the planning party!

This has been the perfect summer project!

  I hope your summer is flying with so much fun too!

More details coming soon...

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