How to Send a Hug in the Mail

With Valentine's Day coming up I wanted to share one of our favorite {little projects} to mailHUGS!

These mailable Hugs are personal and are 
perfect any time of the year.  

They are great for:
friends or family in the military
a traveling friend or relative
cousins and far away friends
or anyone--Really who wouldn't want a hug to come to them in the mail?

To make {this little project} you need:

a person :) (whomever is sending the hug)

paper--I used newsprint--more about that below

crayons, markers, etc.

First, trace around the head, arms, and torso on the paper.  

I get the newsprint from the local newspaper shop.  It's the end of the roll from what they print on, but it's a TON of paper.  In the past they've been about $2 or sometimes they donate them for free to teachers.  I've done this in 3 states, so I think it's pretty common.  There are a million {little projects} you can do with a nice big roll of paper!  Butcher paper works too.

Next, have your in-house artist color what you traced.  It can be a self-portrait, of sorts.

Here is Jay's in progress...

And here is Kay's.  She took a more abstract approach, making sure that every one of her favorite colors was represented: 

Then wrap the arms up for a big hug!  

You can also add a little note (or valentine) and attach it to the hand.

Now put your HUG in the mail to send a happy surprise!

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Ticia said...

I am SO doing this for Valentine's Day for grandparents!

Jill @ Craft in a Northern Town said...

Very cute idea! I pinned it, to do for grandparents!

Mimi said...

Such a cute idea! I want to do a bunch of these for Valentine's Day for our family. I guess we'll see how many Josh will last for. Thanks for sharing!

kserick said...

Thanks for the idea! I did this with my son, now we just need to send it off!

Company EIGHT said...

love this idea--shared via facebook!


Unknown said...

It's really cute.. :-)

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