A {little} playhouse--YUM!

If you come over to visit, you might be invited to have a treat here:


Last summer I took an extra/odd space (a little bigger than a closet) and hung a sheet across the front of it.  I cut windows and a door made a "playhouse" there.  It's been a favorite {little project} ever since.


But it needed a name.  And the "yum yum house" is what it became.  Sometimes it's a restaurant and sometimes it's a {little} playhouse with a kid kitchen.  But there's always food involved!


The kids love having their own {little} space.  It's a hideout.  It's a kids-only place.

But it was messy.  
I needed a {little} cabinet that wouldn't overwhelm the size of the space.

And I found it on the side of the road.
We've lived in this city for 2 years and I still think it's weird to be driving down the street and see what people just leave out: couches, tv's, doors, windows, you name it.
  In our town you don't have to dispose of anything yourself, you just put it out for the city to pick up.  And often it finds a new home first.  Weird.  And kinda fun too, I guess.

It's always nice to get the perfect {little} thing for free!


This cabinet is totally kid-sized perfection--the perfect height and size!  My daughter, Kay loves to organize.  She was so excited to finally get this {little} space settled, that she was practically glowing!

Cups, pans, spoons, and aprons all found their places: 

I've had making felt food on my to-do list for 2 years.  And it just isn't going to happen any time soon.  So I broke down and bought fake plastic food.  We organized it by food types: fruits, veggies, bread/breakfast, and junk.  We may as well got those down while playing, right?

These "candy bins" from Hobby Lobby (last summer) were perfect for the food because they are clear.

To give you an idea for the size of the space, you can see the edge of the wall on the right, that's where the curtain hangs down to define the space.  Sometimes they move the table inside, sometimes it's out :)


The window is a favorite feature, and they deliver food right through it to the table!

 This {little} project turned out just right: very yummy and lots of fun!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

This is such a good idea! And it turned out so cute and colorful! LOVE that Kay gets excited about organizing. :) I wish I had a space like this so I could make one too. Maybe in the basement someday...

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