Baby Guess---It's a .....!

Last week I shared how we keep track of our Family Night fun with this little project for our "jobs."
We recently found out what the gender of our baby is.  But to make it more fun for everyone, I made this {little} worksheet for us to do during Family Night.
I wanted a way to preserve all the things the kids were saying about the new baby's name, size, and gender.  So I made this worksheet so that everyone could record their guesses.
Feel free to use it with your own family too.  I kept it simple since I was out of colored ink ;)
We can monitor who's right with their guesses all the way up to the baby's birthday with {this little project} and everyone had so much fun.  
I can tell now that it will be fun to look back on these.  I think they will definitely make it into this new {little} one's baby book!
And, for the record.....It's a Boy!!
Jay couldn't be happier.  After 2 sisters, he's ready for a brother :)

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Net said...

Congratulations, another boy. You will have two and two just like us. I am excited for you all and especially Jay. We need to get together now that we are closer.

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