Paper Snowball Tutorial

Let it Snow! All we have been getting are ice storms around here, no snow to play with! We have been making our own, including a paper snowman!

Below is a tutorial for how to make your own paper snowballs out of your paper snowflakes. If you would like some inspiration for cutting your snowflakes, please visit my previous post, "Snowflake Party!"

To begin, you need to cut 3 snowflakes.  It works best if your snowflakes are close to the same size.  I used a circle that was about 5 inches across, and cut out 3 circles.   This photo shows how you can use a folded circle to make the cutting go faster.

You can use any kind of paper.  I tried some fun papers like this that were different colors of blue, double-sided.  I also tried some blue/white printed papers from my scrapbook supply.  You could also use newspaper or magazines for some fun looks.
After you have cut your circles out fold them in half, then in half again, then in half one more time, for a total of 3 folds.  Then cut out your snowflake.

When you finish cutting and unfold them you will have 3 snowflakes that are close to the same size.

Stack the three circles on top of each other.

 Take the stack of 3 snowflakes and just sew one line down the center of the snowflake.  Be sure to leave a "tail" of thread so you can hang it!

Next, fold the top snowflake up:

Like this:  and crease it down the middle.

Then do it again for the back layer snowflake.  Don't do anything to the middle snowflake. 

You can see that your 2D snowflake is a now 3D snowball!  For added fullness you can sew more layers of snowflakes together.  I really liked how my 4 layer ones turned out too.
Here is how they look hanging.  I have them hanging on my "Mobile for All Seasons."

To make a paper snowballs for your snowman, follow the same idea.  I used three sizes of circles and cut 10-15 of each size.  Stack each size and sew down the middle, like you did before to make your paper snowball.  But this time don't cut the thread when you finish.  Instead put the next size under your sewing machine foot and sew down the middle of it.  Repeat for the last snowball.  Then fold them out to make your snowman turn 3D!  Again, be sure to leave a tail to hang it with!

For this look, I used a variety of different patterns of blue and white papers and sewed them  one after the other, like you do to make the snowman.  

With any luck, you will feel like you are in an enchanted snow storm of your own creating. A snowstorm is quite the project, but oh what fun!

Oh, and thanks Whip Up and The Crafty Crow for sharing This Little Project on your sites too!


Marlee Whetten said...

Jedda, these are so cool. I really like the 3-D ones. We have 12 inches of new snow, WOW!

Amanda @ said...

Oooh, what a fun idea! I'll definitely be trying this one out with my six year old! Also love the stitched-together-garland idea :)

Anonymous said...

great snowflakes!!

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