Valentine's Wrap Up

We decided to add a few new Valentine traditions this year:
*Red Velvet cupcakes ("do you know the muffin mom, the muffin mom, the muffin mom?")  I really don't know why these little treats are so fun to make!

*Heart Waffles with strawberries (just use a cookie cutter and there you go!)

*Love Letters from each of us to each of our kids (hopefully when they are teenagers these will remind them that we REALLY do love them :)

*A "Heart to Heart" interview with each of the kids (It will be fun to see how their answers change over the years)

To see the questions on the interview cards we are using this year, click on the image below.
My sweet hubby surprised me with a yummy dinner (just the 2 of us) and flowers.  It may sound cliche, but for us it is unusual...

I did these valentines for the kids: A lily pad with a frog that tucks into the lily pad pocket.  I wasn't up for making a tutorial, but this is similar (just doesn't have the ribbon attached) if you want to make one.

J. loved the frog!
And a heart on a string for K.
She knew just what to do!

Adult valentines are harder to do, but this one was fun with magnets and rolos.

For Daddy we made this Book of Love (using some of our photo shots from Finger Pockets)

I will post instructions on how to make the book coming up. It is made from a single sheet of paper, 3 cuts, and a little glue-but has 15 pages! And really easy to make too!

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