A (finger) Pocketful of LOVE!

We had a ton of fun making these and then did a photo session afterwards, which was a blast too. The idea: to make a memorable valentine for our DADDY. But YOU can make it for whomever you want to send a POCKETFUL of LOVE to :)

If you haven't seen my previous post about YARN CARDS, you will want to check it out. It has more explanation about how to do the yarn lettering that you will use for your finger pockets.

You can make 2 hands worth (10 finger pockets) with just one piece of card stock, some yarn, and elmer's glue.

1-Start by cutting your piece of paper in half so that each half is 5.5 x 8.5 inches.  

2-Then cut 5 strips of paper from each half.  You will want to cut them from the 8.5 inch across side.  So you have 5 strips that are about 1.7 x 5.5 inches (see the one on the far left).   

3- Then just fold them in half.
4- Pencil on the letter you want for each finger pocket.
5- Cut yarn for each letter (see YARN CARDS instructions)
6- Elmer's glue over your pencil letters.

7- Add your yarn over the glue to form letters
Here are 5 for one hand:

8-Then just glue each side (not the bottom) to make little finger pockets.
Tahdah!  Pocketful, by pocketful, you have a hand full of LOVE!
These are for the other hand:
Then the photo shoot :)

Enjoy your Little Project of Love.


claw said...

Every day this week I have seen something that I want to do on the next Kearly Day. I think this wins the prize. thanks

My Many Coloured Days said...

Ooooh.... this is great for my five letter named family!!! Fun idea.

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