Tiara Time (in 10 minutes!)

My sister came to visit and to meet little Ellie. She loves dress up things and brought this darling tiara that she had made for Kay. It was such a fun {Little Project} that she said she would share it!

note: this is a quick {Little Project} and young girls would love to make one with some help from an adult!

To make {This Little Project} you need:
a roll of sheer ribbon
a headband
beads (number depends on the size of them.) You don't want to use heavy beads.
thin wire (thin enough to fit through the holes of your beads)
hot glue gun

1- Cut your ribbon into strips (the length will depend on the thickness of your headband.
2- Seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying (hold near a candle-but be careful!)
3- Tie a simple knot with each piece of ribbon around the headband and arrange as you go.
4-String beads onto the wire.
5- Twist the wire so that you have three or four circles coming above-check to make sure you are centered on the headband. Twist like you would for a bag of bread so that they hold their shape (hope that makes sense!) See photo :)

6- Hot glue the string of beads along the top of the headband and let cool.
7- Dress up that little princess! Or make it a sweet gift for a little one in your life!
Thanks Mar for sharing that fun {Little Project} with us!

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jet said...

Hi awesome the featuring on your projects, you deserved it , its soooo lovely and adorable.!!

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