Ice Cream Parlor for Kids

My kids have had such a great time pretending with {This Little Project}. They make (and taste) all kids of flavors. It's been great for coordination too, and sooo easy to clean up (compared to the real thing)!

I put all of the different "flavors" of pom poms in the striped container. They use the scoopers to scoop them into the ice cream cups-complete with a cherry on top!

Then they use the spoons (which are smaller-so they require more control) to "eat" the ice cream and dump it back into the original container.

The ice cream cups are from Jo-Ann's but I've seen similar ones at the Dollar Tree. The spoons are also from Dollar Tree. The pon poms are just the extra big kind. They make perfectly large "scoops" of ice cream!

If all this ice cream makes you want to eat some, try these recipes that Elspeth posted for National ice cream month ;)


Dannyelle said...

I just did a really similar project you might be interested for my daughter's ice cream birthday party. Here's the link
obviously, I think you had a great idea ;)

Kara said...

What a fun activity! So cute!

I found you through oneprettything.


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