Pillow Make-over Project

This past week I got a {Little Project} done with pillow slipcovers that has been years in the making.

We got some couches almost 6 years ago that came with these
ugly pillows:
Every time I looked at them I wanted to get rid of them! Yet, it has been one of those {Little Projects} that I just never got around to-until now!

Making slip covers is so easy! Really! I guess I was just waiting to find some fabric I loved ;)

This is the way they work:
After measuring your pillow and cutting the fabric to fit snugly. Just hem the edges that will overlap on the back of your pillow, and sew up the top and bottom seams while the fabric is right-sides together; like the photo (but without the pillow inside.) That's it!

This is how it looks after you turn it right-side out if you peek inside the slip cover:
Just stuff that pillow in and you will FINALLY be happy to look at those pillows!

It's amazing how it really is the little things that really mean a lot.
I can't believe how much better I feel! These slip covers match the cabinet I just painted to go in the same room. This room just got a lot better!

Pillowslip covers are also fun to do for the holidays. I can't wait!

Have you finished a {Little Project} lately at your house that you loved?

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