Funny Bones

This time of year is perfect for finding all kinds of things to help teach kids about their own skeletons. Here are some ideas:

A plastic skeleton that the kids can label:
We call him Mr. Bones. Since he's close to the size of a pre-school child the kids can see where their joints and bones are very easily.

We've also been playing some fun games and songs to memorize them.

Fun song for bones:
Use the hokey pokey with the names of the bone instead.
("You put your right phalanges in...")

Use the "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" song
(Skull, clavicle, patella, tarsals....)

We made skeletons out of q-tips and glue. It was easy and fun to name the bones as we put them on.

Fun treat with bones:

And if you want to make one out of socks, check this out.

And if you have older kids, try this game or this game

Have fun celebrating that you have a skeleton this Halloween ;)

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