Thanksgiving Tangrams (free)

We have been having a lot of fun designing some Thanksgiving tangrams in our math work this week.  I started out making {this little project}, but Jay quickly took the lead.  I love watching {little} people at work.  It gives a glimpse into what's on their mind.

Since there aren't many Thanksgiving tangrams available for use on the web, I've included pictures for anyone else wanting to do {this little project}.  I was going to upload the printable patterns, but my scanner isn't working.  Hopefully the photos will be inspiration enough to get you going.

No offense intended in any of these depictions.  After all there's only so much detail you can do with simple shapes.

My turkey:

Jay's turkey:

See what I mean?  I love it!

He also made a {little} baby turkey:

A Native American headdress:

A bow and arrow (this was Jay's idea all the way):

Native American sitting:


Pineapple?  I know, it's not really a traditional Thanksgiving idea.  But trying to make corn turned into pineapple.  Oh well!

And after we finished ours, I looked on the web and loved the ones we found here, especially the mayflower.  We'll have to try that one now!

This is what we use to create our tangrams:

If you have kids coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, challenging them to create their own Thanksgiving tangrams should keep the the {little} people busy for awhile!

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