Change Your Mind! Interchangeable bows and headbands

At our house, there seems to be a lot of "changing my mind" going on.
 Last summer I shared my "change your mind" headbands that I made for Kay.  It's been a life saver!

Now that I have two girls that need hair goodies, I just made some more things that we can "change our mind" with that they can both use.  And they both LOVE them!

My two girls and they like to wear their hair differently.  Kay is a headband girl.  She's {little} miss independence and she can put a headband in herself.  So that's just about all she will wear.

Ellie has cute {little} curls all over her {little} red head and a bow clipped in gives her a darling 1930's baby look!

What's a Mom to do?
  I don't want to make double the hair goodies!

 So I made something they can BOTH wear.

I took my bows (more about where I got the bows later)
 and I hot-glued a small piece of elastic on.  I glued just the two edges down. 
It's just the size for Kay's headband to slip through. 


Just the size for me to put an alligator clip through the loop and clip it into Ellie's curls.

Now, about those cute chunky bows.  I got a rainbow of them for the girls to share at one of my favorite girlie websites.  I want to share the website with you (I'm not affiliated in any way) because they have such inexpensive and FUN girlie things, from dress ups, to hair things, to leggings.

And right now there is a sale (through July 22) for 25% off your order (use code FUN25).  And shipping is always free with orders over $20---which I love!

So, here is the link for the chunky bows I used in {this little project} ($9 for 12 of your choice of color.)

 I also love their {little} leggings.  I just had the cutest photos of Kay and Ellie taken with their lace leggings and the headband bows and bow clippies from {this little project} in their hair.

And they have pettiskirts that are darling too!

 There's more're bound to find a {little} something you'll love or that would make a perfect gift :)

Have fun!

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Rikus_Khan said...

I have been thinking hard about what I can do with ALL THE BOWS my little girl has and won't wear. She likes headbands so this is what I was thinking but wasn't sure how to do it. PERFECT idea. Thank you! She is starting kindergarten so this will be my new project!

~Cara Stewart ( is my email)

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