The Change Your Mind Headband

I've had a crazy-fun time making headbands.  {This Little Project} is good for me because headbands are one of the only things Kay will wear in her hair right now-and that's because she can put them in herself.  Gotta love the, "I'll do it myself" phase.

So the thing is, when you have a cute denim headband, 
how do you decide 
THE ONE flower to go on it?

I guess I like to change my mind because I couldn't settle on just one.  
Instead I came up with 
a way to put WHATEVER flower we wanted on it. 

 The "Change your Mind" headband can look like this:

or this:

And remember that pink flower at the top on the denim headband?  

It can also slip onto the pink headband:

One many possibilities!

Want to know you add any one or two flowers onto it 
and then change your mind the next day?


Add a little piece of elastic to the back.  Then it will slide right on like this:
And now you have a Change your Mind Headband!

I'm feeling brilliant right about now-it's rare so I'm soaking it in.
ok...moving on...

The elastic will stretch a little to hold the flower in place.  
And since the flower rests against her head on a fabric-wrapped headband it will stay nicely right where you want it-yay!

If you want to make {This Little Project} 
you will need:

hot glue gun

elastic (mine was about the same width as the headband)

How to make {this little project}:

1-make sure that your fabric flower has a circle of fabric glued to the back of it.

2- cut a piece of elastic just smaller than the flower.

3- glue each end onto the back of the flower.  Make sure there is just enough room for the headband to scoot through.

4- let the glue cool.  Then carefully slide it onto where you want it to be.  

Now you can have fun mixing and matching because 
you can Change your Mind now!

Yes, these make fun gifts too!

{You're Welcome!}


Company EIGHT said...

So clever, Jedda--I love it!

I shared this link on my FB page today...

Rob Taci Amalia Athan said...

I love this notion of changing your mind! GREAT IDEA which I can't wait to make!!

Amanda said...

So cute! I made these tonight after a quick stop at the dollar tree for headbands...super easy...thanks for such great directions!

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