How to Teach Even and Odd for Kids

I've been meaning to share {this little project} for months now.  Thanks for hanging with me through all the ups and downs of life (and pregnancy) that affect how often I get a {little} bit posted here!

I was working with Kay (months ago!) on her odd and even numbers.  She is my hands-on learner so I wanted a clear way for her to be able to "touch" the concept.

This is what I came up with:

Her tray has a box of numbers (up to 10 for now) with an ice cube tray and flower stickers.

As she counted out the flowers in the tray I had her put the next one as the "neighbor."  By that, I mean that she did one on the top row and then on on the bottom row.  

At the end, if all the flowers had a "neighbor" then it was an even number--because it worked in sets of 2's.
If a flower was left alone, it was an odd number.

And, the reason I'm sharing {this little project} is because it worked!  She figured out the concept and we were quickly able to move to larger numbers.

Yay for those {little} moments that make sense!


elspeth said...

Taught this right after halves using manipulatives. I the number divides in half evenly it's even. If there's one left over odd. We then made a chart to find the pattern until we didn't need the manipulatives. We practice it daily with vitamins. If the day is even T hands them out. Odd J. No fights over which vitamin you get.


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