Friday Favorites and Freebies: Living Well and Frugal Tips

I've bumped into some great blogs about living well and living within your means this past week.
I feel like I've been through a mini Earth Day week mixed with a financial boot camp at my house with these fantastic reads.  A fresh start is always nice!
Here are some of my favorites that I had to share:

Save money and eat organically and sustainably?  Count me in!

Fun, Cheap, or Free is the idea here-with a how-to for tracking that budget, that's easy!

How to shop for 2 weeks at a time and spend less than $100/week on groceries! Great planning tips!

This girl has ideas for how to replace every plastic item you use with something not disposable.  We can all pick up a few tips here!

Plastic Free book by Beth Terry

I love the ideas here about how to shop without bringing home so much waste.  Again, lots of ideas and we can all start somewhere.

Zero Waste Home

Whew!  So many great things to learn.  

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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