Valentine Math {part 2}

Our question today? Can candy make you smarter??
hmmm.  I know it's certainly motivating some math learning around here!

How much math fun can you have with a bag of chocolate kisses?

Here are a few {little} ideas we had fun with:

Division Practice Example: 24 kisses started in the heart. 
Then Jay separated them into 3 groups to see how many 24 divides into.

Greater/Less Than Game:  Of course we used the alligator mouth/heart again!

Estimating: 3 colors of kisses.  How many of each?
We always count in spanish too :)

Grouping (division/multiplication): How many groups of five?
Practice counting by 5's (sing to tune of 10 Little Indians)
Adding/Subtracting in groups of 5 (and 2)

Since these are our games from last year, I'm looking forward to playing more advanced math games this year.  
The kids are always moving forward in math and that keeps it exciting!

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