Homemade Ornaments

I think there is something so fun about homemade ornaments. I love to look at ornaments from past years that have been made by people I know. Maybe it's remembering the person that makes it so special. Maybe it's the memories. Maybe it's the process.

For the past few years I've made an ornament to give to my piano students at their Christmas recital. The theme is music, of course. I enjoyed my new hobby of reusing some materials like cardboard for the back and buttons from a shirt.
Here's how they turned out:

I printed and cut out this tree silhouette to get started.

Then photocopied some Christmas music on brownish paper and placed the tree over it to make sure I got some music/words on each tree.

Then I held it to the cardboard and cut around it. The cardboard is a fun texture and also stabilizes the tree.

Then the fun comes with decorating the tree :) You can use what you have: ribbon, ric rack, buttons, brads, etc. My hint is to decorate the tree BEFORE you glue it to the cardboard. That way you can wrap the ribbon around on the back side of it easier.
Have fun creating a homemade memory to share!


Unknown said...

Just too cute- and I have a music teacher friend who just needs one of these...

OliyanaBeth said...

The cardboard provides a unique texture to the tree while also supporting it. I cut around it while holding it to the cardboard. I appreciated my new pastime of repurposing items such as cardboard for the back and shirt buttons. I'm very passionate about Narrative essay topics UK and within a very short time period and proved himself a valuable resource to the firm.

Lawrence Jonish said...

Creating homemade ornaments can be a reflective process, akin to the Gibbs Reflective Cycle in nursing . Just as the cycle encourages the examination of experiences, crafting ornaments involves thoughtful selection, design, and execution. This parallels nursing's emphasis on learning from past actions. Similarly, homemade ornaments hold sentimental value, much like the lessons derived from nursing reflections. Both processes involve introspection and result in beautiful outcomes.

Lawrence Jonish said...
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