Candy Topped CHOCOLATE Pretzels

I discovered a new button on my microwave recently. I can't believe I've been looking at microwaves nearly my whole life and not known about what it does. The button? It's called, "POWER." It's magic when it comes to things like CHOCOLATE. Do you know how much chocolate I've scorched trying to make s'mores and other chocolate treats in the microwave?

But no more!

I recently made 85 of these chocolate covered pretzels. Then another hundred little ones and 50 covered donuts as well as other chocolate covered treats. The success of {This Little Project} had a lot to do with that magic button (and maybe the fact that I wore my PJ's all day since it took me forever to make a million of these treats.)

You can find some handy hints on making them HERE.

They are a fun {Little Project} for friends and teachers. They're gender neutral, great for any occasion, and all ages can enjoy them.

You can top them with a variety of treats to match the occasion, which makes them extra fun.

I hope you have fun with the "magic power button" on your microwave too :)

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