Do you know a Little Princess?

Our new baby is due in March and we aren't finding out boy/girl since we have one of each. With the new baby coming we are needing a bigger car. My husband's still in school so I've been creating new things for my shop with the funds going towards a bigger car. I hope you'll take a minute to look at the Sweetheart Collection I've been working on and find the perfect gift for a Little Princess in your life. "Hair Candy" is the perfect treat for this Valentine's Day! These products will be the favorites at any baby shower too!
And it goes towards a good cause ;)

When Kay was born I started creating all kinds of "girly" and "Mom" things and shared them with others by starting the company Crown Your Princess. It's so fun to have a little girl to dress up!

I got frustrated that she would grow out of her headbands so fast and they would leave marks on her head. That's why I only use "Ouchless Headbands" on her and in the products I create. She didn't pull them out because they didn't bother her like the others I bought did. They grow with the child so she used them exclusively from newborn to now.

I also love being able to mix and match so all of my bows and flowers are on clips. When Kay was little I would clip them to a variety of different colored Ouchless Headbands. Now that she is older and has more hair I clip them in her hair. I love that I haven't had to spend more and can use what we already had.

The Lava Legs are one of my favorite things. Kay still wears them nearly everyday. It's so fun to be able to wear skirts in the winter too! You'll find that my creations cost less than the name brands, and are created with quality and love for the one that you LOVE.

Getting a bigger car isn't exactly a {Little Project}, but every little bit helps. Thanks for taking a peek in the shop!

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Company EIGHT said...

I will check it all out--everything sounds wonderful!

Oh, and do you have a family blog? I would love to see what your family is up to.

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