You've Got Mail-for kids

Jay has a cousin who lives a few states away. She is just a three months older and they love to play together. My sister (her Mom) thought of a beautiful idea: The kids could be pen pals!

Who doesn't like to get a letter in the mail?

Plus it would be a great incentive for our kids to practice their writing skills. Today we are sending off the "N" page to Jay's cousin. We often include a card that Jay has made, some stickers, a short letter, or an art project he wants to share with her as well.

Jay has an incentive to finish his work, but I think it also is teaching him to share something he made with someone else. He really looks forward to sending his mail, not just receiving mail from his cousin. Jay also knows what the mailman does because it's personal.
Here are some other things the kids have learned with {This Little Project}:
  1. How to address an envelope
  2. Where the stamp goes
  3. How to write his and his cousin's name on the envelope
  4. To put the flag up on the mailbox when he puts his letter inside
  5. How the mail system works.
  6. To make something to give to someone else
  7. How to write a letter
  8. How to write their letters :)
  9. How to sound out words that they want to write
  10. They are both learning to read and look forward to what the other one writes to them
  11. To be patient while they wait for mail. We send something every week or two.
{This Little Project} is one that any age can enjoy. Handwritten notes are so much more special and the relationship that is developed and strengthened is priceless!

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