Cupid Cards for Kids

In our quest of making a valentine to send to cousins that wasn't candy we came up with this Cupid Card.

The arrow through the heart is a straw-which is something any kid loves!
We were lucky to find some heart ones,
but a silly straw would be really fun too and those are quite easy to find-I even saw some at the Dollar Tree store.

I used our Valentines to work on some fine motor skills with Jay. He traced hearts, cut them out, then helped punch holes in them.
After you cut the heart out, just punch two holes in it to slip the straw through.
Then just cut a triangle of paper and tape it on for the point of the arrow. It's that easy!

We made quite a few different colors for boys and girls. Some with plain paper and some with scrapbook paper. The front message was just a stamp from Target's $1 spot.
You can write a personalized message on the back, or write who the valentine is for. We also had fun stamping and coloring the backs of the heart to personalize them. Of course you'll want to do that before you put the straw through :)

Doing {This Little Project} has also given us a chance to talk about love and how we can show love to others.

Ours will be flying out in the mail today!
If you make some too be sure to leave a comment-I would love to see them!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Those are adorable! I love valentine's ideas that do not include candy - straws are are always fun to kids. Now to go find some fun straws! Thanks!

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