Valentine Brownie Bites

I have a thing about cupcakes. I love to make them. I think it stems from not being to bake much else as a kid and college student-but I could always do cupcakes.

When I was at a Pampered Chef party a few years ago and I saw they had mini cupcake pans I knew that pan belonged in my cupboard. We've enjoyed many mini cupcakes since then.
But did you know you can also make mini brownie bites with those pans?
I used to buy brownie bites at Costco but we don't live by one now :(

The drama of making brownies (for me) is cutting them. I've tried all kinds of things to get them to look great and they never do when I cut them. BUT with the mini cupcake pan my brownies always look great. No need to cut them. I get to have the thrill of making cupcakes and the fun of eating brownies all in one day.

The fun with cupcakes of any kind is
dressing them up.
We made these to go with our brownie bites today. They are so easy!

To make {This Little Project} you need: Scrapbook paper, glue stick, circle punch (mine is 1 3/4"), and toothpicks.

Just put glue on one of the circles and around the toothpick and stick the other circle on-so you have a circle on the front AND the back of each toothpick.
Then dress up those cupcakes or brownies!

Have fun making yourself a little chocolate treat.
And if you have any tips for cutting brownies please share!


Anonymous said...

hi, I love this post.
I don't have a circle punch (1 3/4"), what can I use to replace?
Thank you

mother of an almost 4 years old girl

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Those are so cute!

Have you ever tried cutting with a knife that has been sitting in boiling water? I don't know if that work work or not.

Are you willing to share your brownie recipe?

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