Making Homemade Baby Food Project

I remember that I heard a mom tell me once that she made her own baby food. I thought she was crazy ;) Now here I am a few years later making baby food and loving it! So feel free to think of me as a crazy woman!

Since it's been such a fun {Little Project} and so much easier than I thought it would be, I wanted to share how to do it (in case you are as crazy as I am!)

Some of the reasons I love making baby food:
1- I know exactly what baby Elle is eating
2- It's way easy to do your own organic baby food
3- It's easy
4- It really doesn't take much time (4 pears makes 12 3.5 oz meals)
5- WE'RE NOT THROWING OUT (or even recycling) TONS OF LITTLE JARS. Yes, I am a bit of a tree hugger and I'm so glad that this little change for our family is good for our world.
6- You have everything on hand in your kitchen to do it (if you have a blender and ice cube trays.)
7- It's cost effective (a nice bonus)

Want to try {This Little Project}?

This is a photo of my first batch. I steamed some organic carrots that we grew, then simply put them in the blender and pureed them. I use a tablespoon to scoop the puree from the blender into the ice cube trays. It's about 1.5 tablespoons for each " cube" of the ice tray. I put 2 layers of plastic wrap over the top of each ice cube tray and freeze for several hours (it takes longer than water).

When they are done just pop them all out and put them into a freezer bag. They last 2 months in the freezer and if you're baby eats like mine does, they won't sit there that long! Each "cube" is about an ounce so you know just how much baby is eating. I think this looks so much tastier than those jarred foods!

Then just get 2-3 days worth out at a time and let it thaw in the fridge until baby is ready for it. When we need a meal-on-the-go, I just put a few of them (and some rice cereal) into a clean pre-used baby food jar and we're good to go!

So far little Elle is a fan of peaches, avocado, apples, pears, carrots, and sweet potatoes. If you want to learn more or try it out, I've found all my recipes and how to store, freeze, thaw, etc. here:

Enjoy this Yummy {Little Project} ;)


Kama said...

I made my 2 year old son's baby food when he was in that stage and now I make his brother's. It's so much cheaper! I usually just put the frozen cubes in a plastic tub with a lid and a little bit of rice when we go out. Hadn't thought of putting it in a used jar. Good thought!

Kawtar said...

oh great idea! and you make it look so easy!
thanks for the link too :)

Unknown said...

That's really a big help! I'm actually looking for some quick tips on how to make a baby food for my four-months-old daughter. And I'm glad that I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing this.

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nhgkm said...

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