Friday Favorites and Freebies-Teaching Resources

Happy Friday!  I've been enjoying some of these great resources with my kids this week and thought some of you may enjoy them too!

Jay is really into learning to type right now-the right way-on the computer.  He loves to be on the computer, so I look for fun ways for him to learn something while he's there!  
He sat down and whipped out 3 lessons of this typing game in about an hour.  I couldn't believe how much he liked it.  I found it courtesy of this post where you can find other typing games as well.

Enchanted Learning is another go-to place for me.  Kay loves to make little books.  So these mini books on all kinds of subjects are awesome for her.  There are so many great resources there!

The other great resources we use a lot is  It's an amazing marketplace of talented teachers sharing the resources they have created to teach something.  There are tons that are free to print or download and tons that are just a few dollars--in all the subjects and languages you can imagine!  
So fun!

So have a fun time learning or teaching something new with this week's favorites and freebies!

Happy Weekend to you!

1 comment:

Clemencia said...

Thank you so much for this resources, everyone can benefit from learning how to type specially the fun way! :) I think my daughter will love this, thanks for sharing

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