Learning Alphabetical Order with Dr. Seuss

Jay is just learning how to alphabetize and look things up in the dictionary.  {This little project} takes something that we usually do in our heads (alphabetical order) and puts it out on the floor where the kids can interact with it.

{This little project} started with 26 paper plates with a letter on each plate (I put a red ring on them with a marker to make them more seussical).  Then I taped them together in a order.

Then we wrote words that rhymed on our hats- rhyming works great because each word start with a different letter.

Then Jay cut his hat up (which turns it into a puzzle too) and put the words under the letter they start with.  Kay didn't want to cut up her hat so we used other strips of paper for her words.

We also put our Dr. Seuss book titles in alphabetical order.

The kids really started to grasp how we can organize things according to the order of the alphabet by doing it in a way that they could touch.  They're excited about it, and I have a feeling we're going to alphabetizing a lot of {little} things around here!

P.S. Just for fun, you can type anything here and it will put the words in order for you!

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Mountain View Mama said...

Love the books in abc order idea! Thanks!

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