Invention Box: Hair Clip Keeper (Rupunzel Princess)

One of my New Year Resolutions is to do an Invention Box 
{little project} with my kids each week. 

  If you want to make an invention box of your own, 
here's how we did that {little project}. 

  Our motto for {this little project} is:

"To invent you need a good imagination 
and a pile of junk." 
~Thomas Edison.

I love seeing their minds go crazy with all the possibilities of inventing.

One of our favorite invention {projects} has been the Rupunzel Hair Clip Keeper.

My little Miss Kay is really into long hair.  
Many {projects} (like these headbands) have been for her.  

I'm soaking in her little girliness because I know it won't last forever.
Right now she's a little girl that loves princesses.  

So this invention was just her style.

Meet the Rupunzel Hair Clip Keeper:
( in pink!)

 And here is the yellow-haired version:

You need 3 things to make {this little project}
a plastic lid
(optional: a sharpie marker to draw a face on with)

To start off, you need to punch a hole in the top of your plastic lid.  This is a parent job :)
Next you need to decide how long you want the "hair" to be.  Remember that the longer her hair is, the more clippies she can wear (hold).  And also that braiding the hair will shorten it a little.  

The number of pieces of yarn you cut will determine how thick her "hair" is.

You will lay out her "hair" like this regardless of whether you do one braid or two. 

Two braids uses more yarn because each side becomes a braid.  You will combine the two sides if you want one long braid.
Then cut a LONGish piece of yarn to tie ALL the long pieces together in the middle at the top--see the knotted piece on the right side of the photo.
You can use the rest of this piece of yarn to hang it up when you are done.
Then take that knotted piece of yarn and use it to tie the hair to the plastic lid, through the hole you made.

So it looks like this.  
Then pull the hair down around the front of her face like this:

Next pull her hair around the the back.  It will start to look like she really has hair now!

Use a small piece of yarn to tie her hair into a pony tail.

Then just braid the yarn into one or two braids with the yarn. 
If your little girl is old enough, she might like to do the braiding.

When you get to the end, tie each braid off and give her a little hair cut to trim the ends.

 Remember the first knot you tied?  The rest of that piece of that yarn can be used to hang her up. 

 Now is also the time to add a face (self portrait!) with a sharpie if you want to.

And there you go, a {little} invention to keep your princess's clippies organized.  
She's all ready to be decorated!

p.s. these are fun gifts too!

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