Updated! The Best Granola (yum!!)

Making granola is a weekly {little} project at our house.  I have tried quite a few granola recipes and my husband LOVES this one the best.
Today was the day to make a new batch, and oh how I love the smell of baking granola!
I've shared this {little} granola project before with the details of how I store it and such.
 If you decide to try out the best granola ever, be sure to check that one out.
But I have updated my recipe and wanted to repost it with the changes I've tried.

One thing that I love about granola is that it lasts in your belly.  When I feed my kids cold cereal they are hungry again in about an hour.  But when they eat granola, it lasts until lunch time. 

In the winter, we add some dried fruits (it's very yummy on it's own too!)
But in the summer cutting fresh strawberries, peaches, or blueberries into this granola is divine!  Sometimes we eat it with yogurt, sometimes with milk.  It's yummy to snack on dry too!
 One of the main revisions to my recipe is the number of cups of old-fashioned oats.  I have increased them 3 cups since the last time I shared it.  And we can't tell.  There is still plenty of sweet and lots of taste.   Of course, adding more oats makes it go further, reducing the fat content too, a nice bonus :)
 You can use sweetened or unsweetened coconut, depending on your taste. 

Granola is one of my favorite "go-to meals" to share.  It's perfect for a new mom, a thank you gift, birthday treat, etc.  It isn't a hot meal so it can be enjoyed anytime.
Once again, I have put two on a page because I promise that once you try it and share it with anyone, they will want it too!
Jedda’s Granola 
It's yummy!  Enjoy!


Emily P said...

LOVE your granola recipe. I am trying the updated version for the first time. The top of the recipe says 1 hr cook time, but the bottom of the recipe says 45 minutes. Did you change the cook time? If so, why?

Jedda said...


I'm glad you love this recipe too! I usually cook the granola for 45 minutes. Sometimes I let it go for an hour and switch the trays every 30 minutes. It has turned out either way. Sorry for the confusion ;)

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