A Happy Birthday Gift!

This little cupcake pincushion has been a fun birthday gift for me to give away. Since today is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a little birthday giveaway. Want to pretend it's your birthday? A little cupcake pincushion and peg people family are up for grabs!

Aren't these little people cute! They are so fun for little hands. I've fallen in love with them (see Peggy here) and have a few extras.
Just leave a comment about what traditions you have to celebrate on your birthday. One lucky winner will receive both little gifts!
Comments close on March 26th, so hurry! One rule, don't ask how old I am...I'm just hoping to be "one year older and wiser too"!

My MIL and FIL flew us home for a week-long celebration.  What a treat!  My Mom sent me home with this darling bag that she made for me.  She is sooo talented!

 Yup, she knows I'm a big fan of cupcakes and stars!  If you want the tut, let me know and I'll ask her about it.  The handles are neat because they are different lengths that fold over each other and make it so the bag has a closure on the top.  I do have this tut, to share, that's similar.
UPDATE:  Try these to make your own grab bag-styled bag: Link or Link
(Thanks Mom!)

There are a bunch of variations on the bottle cap pin cushion (the one I call "the cupcake" pincushion).
There is a nice tutorial by How About Orange. And VeryBigJen has a filcker tutorial HERE.

If you would rather wear your pins like a ring on your finger, here is a fun tutorial from kasasa to try out.  I've made them both ways, and they are VERY EASY and FUN!

To add a little Happy Birthday flag, just poke a pin down and up through the side of the paper and stick it in the cupcake pincushion :)

Wishing you a Happy Little Project Day!


Amber D. said...

Just stopping in to let you know about my photo project next week- would love to have you play along!


Summers Family said...

A very happy birthday wish to you! How do you have time to plan all your ideas and make them, at least to the point that your kids can help? That is my dilema - time to plan and prepare. And then what do you do with all your cute things once they are done playing with them?
I really do appreciate all your hard work.

Jedda said...

I'm honored you stopped by to say hi. As for ideas, I think they are a curse. I was telling my husband that they just pour into my head-more than I can get done-and it can be a kind of a curse. But it's good in some ways, since it gives us something to do :) I'm often thinking about a problem/skill to work on or solve so the ideas I post about are very much what we are dealing with in real life.

Honestly, a lot of my ideas when I am being still. There is something about having quiet that allows them to flow in. There are some spiritual benefits/scriptures about this, and I believe it is wonderful to have some quiet time to think and rebuild. I rock my daughter to sleep for her nap and at night. I often have a lot of ideas during those times (when I'm not reading a good book too :)
Sometimes I can't sleep because they are flowing in like a thunderstorm and keeping me awake.
Quiet times can be hard to find with kids around. But that is my little secret for finding time to think of what we will do.

As far as what to do after their creations are made, see "organizing the peanut gallery" on the blog. But the other thing we have to do after displaying is the tossing. My husband is better at this since he isn't as emotionally attached to our creations/projects as I am. So it's his job, since sometimes I just can't do it. That's part of why I take so many pictures. That way we still have the project (sort of) memory :)

Sheesh that was long! Thanks again for saying hi. I'm glad you enjoy little projects too :)

kw said...

I made the bottle cap pin cushions last year for Christmas presents. And I love that bag and the cupcake fabric!

Your cupcake pin cushions need something...These are addicting and so much fun to make: shrinky dink pins from Wee Wonderful


kw said...

That link didn't come all the way through. Go to


and search for shrinky dink

Unknown said...

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